Sunday, August 19, 2012


Orders were to write a story of no more than 200 words, if you broke the rules you would be called a cheeky blighter and a bounder.


The door swung open; his sister had returned. “Confirmed John, they booked the flight over a week ago, bastards”.

“I’m glad they have gone far away sis; what could we say to them”?

“What sort of bastards are you for starters”.

“I don’t feel angry, just a numbness”.

“I have anger, lots of it.

“To think I thought he was doing me a favour; keeping her company when I worked late. How naive, I thought I was putting him out”.

“Such a fucking mess John, what a scheming bitch”.

“I should have known it was too good to be true; why would a girl like her want me”?

“What! She is not fit to crawl in your shit; she doesn’t deserve to be on the same planet as you”.

“Not so loud sis mum will hear”

“Doctor gave her a sedative; he said she will sleep for a while”.

“I worshipped her; I don’t know what I could have done different”.

“Don’t you dare feel any guilt John; everything happened behind your back”,

“What was it dad used to say: ‘Always expect the unexpected’.

“He often said that, I wish he was here now; and not with your effing girlfriend”.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lottery Hell

When I won the lottery I thought all my problems had been solved. I had no idea that £12 m. could be the cause of so such mental stress. Upon winning my advisors suggested that I should enjoy, but not waste my fortune. Little did I know that it would be only days before I would be forced to face my first agonising decision.

Having won my vast amount on a Saturday, Wednesday had arrived in what seemed only a blink of an eye. There had been no time to consider whether I should play the lottery again, I began to panic. With my mind racing I could not make a rational choice so I took a huge gamble and decided to play. I should have known better, I never won a single penny.

This has gone on for almost three months now, twice a week I keep on playing. I did win a further £10, but overall since my huge win I am over £20 down. Some people have won the lottery twice, but I know I am not that lucky. I know stopping is the correct thing to do, but I keep on wasting my money with the words of the advisers ringing in my head.

I am now worrying about Christmas and the extra dilemmas it will bring. In the past I have never bought a round of drinks for my friends, so if I start then will they think I am rubbing my money in their faces? It is exactly the same predicament with the window cleaner, milkman and paper boy. If I tip them now for the first time will they then tell my neighbors I am acting like a flash show off??

Sometimes I wish I could just have my pound back and that somebody else had won. However, I could not be that selfish as to burden other people with my problems.I will soldier on as best I can with the weight of my money an ever increasing burden. My chauffeur does the lottery and I sometimes worry that he if he wins he will leave me. It is exactly the same worry with my cleaner and au pair, I can only pray that they do not win, I could not go through the pressure of finding new staff.These are only an indication of the unforeseen pitfalls that lay in wait for wealthy chaps like me.

So if you are doing the lottery make contingency plans now so you will be prepared if you are cursed with a win. I am sure I am suffering from wealth health and I would not wish it on my worst enemy, never mind poor people.