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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Always read the label.

While out shopping with her young daughter mother came upon a self service store she had never seen before.

"Great, a new shop, let's take a look", she said happily to her youngster.

Once inside she picked up a basket and they began walking down the aisle. "Nobody else is in here mummy", the little girl said sounding puzzled.

Mum had also realised this said "We may be the very first customers, perhaps there will be a special welcome for us."

"Fish fingers, can we have some please mum? " She gleefully shouted.

Mum was smiling when she picked up the box to check the brand, but the expression on her face soon turned to one of horror. Written across the box was a sign, "Warning, this box contains poisons that can kill".

Horrified, she quickly dropped the box before turning to the opposite aisle and seeing a strange tin of beans with the wordings, "Danger, this product contains toxins".

Now absolutely terrified she grabbed her daughters hand which held a chocolate bar with the printed information, " Eating this may cause cancer".

Fighting off a panic attack mum threw the bar to the ground before racing with her daughter to the exit. However, just as they were about to leave a staring man mysteriously appeared before them, he was dressed entirely in black, similar to an undertaker.

He calmly asked, "Is everything to your satisfaction madam?"

Mum, both stunned and amazed replied "The goods here are a disgrace, only some sort of a fool would buy them."

Unperturbed the strange man replied "Well we do put the warnings on the products, so it is up to you whether you buy them or not".

Far too upset to continue with the conversation she gripped her little ones hand and fled far away from the shop before daring to stop. The little girl could see that her mum was very upset so she said to her,

"Mummy why don't you open your cigarettes, they make you feel better, don't they?".